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With a working width of 60 centimetres, even larger areas can be processed quickly and efficiently. The powerful vibration enables spot compaction so that even more resistant areas can be effectively compacted.


Thanks to the drawbar suspension, the drawbar of this Ammann model is effectively shock-absorbed, so that the vibrations acting on the hands and arms are particularly low. Even according to safety regulations, it is not necessary to accurately record the operating times of the operator. You save twice: the bureaucratic effort of recording and the risk of vibration-related illness (VVS). As well as improving health and safety at work, low vibration also means better control of the machine and less fatigue when working with the vibratory plate.

The centrifugal clutch and V-belt are protected by an additional cover for smooth and trouble-free operation and for the protection of the operator. As a result, neither water nor dust can penetrate the drive during operation and work cannot be interrupted by dirt in this area.


An overview of all the advantages of the APR 30/50 from Ammann:

  • powerful Honda petrol engine
  • mechanical transmission for forward and reverse operation with rapid change of direction
  • Point vibration utilization
  • Increased safety at work due to low vibration on hands and arms
  • Vibration-dampened guide rod for better control and low fatigue
  • Extremely simple push and pull control
  • Open drawbar design prevents accidental lifting of the machine
  • Centrifugal clutch and V-belt are fully protected – preventing water ingress and providing protection for the operator
  • Central one-point suspension for safe and easy transport


Technical data APR 4060


Working width (m): 0,6
Height (mm): 1180
Centrifugal force up to (kN): 42
Centrifugal force up to (kN): 42
The engine: Honda
Working weight (kg): 268
Fuel: petrol
Power (kW): 8
Max. Climb rate (%): 35